Road Tunnels Manual

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  • The official versions of the Manual are the English and the French versions. The versions in other languages are translations of the official versions but these translations are not officially validated by PIARC.
  • Although sections of reports are selectively referred to in this electronic resource, the actual meaning must be determined in the context of the original report - not the context of the electronically extracted web page.
  • Where there is a conflict between the web site and the full report - the full report takes priority
  • Publication on the web site is not a contemporary endorsement of the currency of the material and views contained in the earlier report.
  • Specific inclusion in the web site does not add priority or authority to the original report.
  • Where there is a requirement to comply with PIARC requirements as at a certain date, that date is determined by the date of first publication - not subsequent publication on the web site.
  • Where a reference is made to another organisation or a web site hosting documents from such an organisation, the link does not constitute an endorsement of the specific recommendations contained at that link at the time it was published, or at any future time, unless and strictly limited to, the specific recommendation cited with approval in the tunnel handbook.
  • The World Road Association does not accept any liability whatsoever, neither in contract nor in tort, for usage of this Manual. Any risk relating to interpretation and usage remains entirely with the readers.